Ross Farm Oxen pull fire wood

Ross Farm Museum is home to many breeds of animals, most of which are heritage breeds that would have been found on family farms much like this one years ago. Most days at the museum you can see our beautiful Canadian horses and our strong and hard working oxen out working in the fields and gardens doing traditional farm work with traditional farming implements. Costumed interpreters at the museum are always willing and eager to answer questions you may have while watching this work being done. Wagon and sleigh rides given by our Canadian horses are always a highlight to every visitor’s day at Ross Farm Museum, giving you a wonderful and informative tour while our knowledgeable teamster tells you about the rich history of the farm.

Along with horses and oxen, Ross Farm is also home to our Berkshire Pigs which can been seen outside rooting through the ground and rolling through the cool mud during the warm months. We also have a flock of both Cotswold and Southdown sheep, various heritage breeds of poultry such as Silver Spangles Hamburgs and Silver Gray Dorkings as well as a few ducks and geese. As with any traditional farm having fresh milk was almost a necessity, Ross Farm was no exception. During most the year you can try your hand at milking one of our cows which is always a great experience for both the young and old alike.

If your timing is right you might just get to see a calf that was just born, a new baby lamb or fresh little piglets. During the year there are always new animals being born and some visitors are even lucky enough to be there to witness the experience themselves. Ross farm is always home to a few cats that are great mousers and love getting attention from visitors and we usually have adorable kittens to see as well.