Ox Shoeing

Ox Shoeing at Ross Farm

Ox shoeing is something that always peeks interests of visitors when visiting Ross Farm since it is a job that is rarely done nowadays. Since oxen are working animals like horses they require shoes to protect their feet as well as give them extra traction when pulling. Ox shoeing is a service we provide to the public who need to have their oxen shod for work around the farm, in the woods and for competition. 

Built in 1910 the Morley Blacksmith Shop houses a large ox sling that has been used to shoe oxen for almost 100 years. All our ox shoes are made in the blacksmith shop throughout the year and can often be seen being made along with horseshoes and other items.

We will be shoeing oxen on the following dates but we recommend calling the museum the day before or morning of to be certain that the shoeing hasn't been canceled or moved to another date.


No shoeings booked.

These dates are subject to change without notice and the shoeing hours will vary from day to day but usually starts around 9:30 am and usually ends around 3:00 pm

The shoeing service is available to all Oxen owners; please call the museum for pricing, available shoeing dates, and other information.