Mission & Mandate

Mission and Mandate of Ross Farm Museum


To depict the authentic experience of a typical 19th and early 20th century working upland family farm in Nova Scotia and develop awareness of the relevance of traditional agricultural practices to contemporary life.


The mandate of the New Ross District Museum Society is to:

  •  Preserve the physical fabric of the Ross Family Farm;
  • Interpret the experience of the Ross family farm and the Ross family as representative     of a Nova Scotia upland family farm of the period;
  • Demonstrate, teach and preserve traditional agricultural practices;
  • Highlight the connections between traditional practices and current issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability;
  • Design and implement educational programming for youth and audiences of all ages;
  • Provide a forum for discussion of sustainable farming and agricultural traditions;
  • Collaborate with other museums, educational institutions, organizations and individuals in the furtherance of our mission and the overall mission and interpretive goals of the Nova Scotia Museum;
  • Engage in enterprises that relate to the preservation and practices of sustainable living.


Our vision is to be a recognized centre of excellence in the modern application of environmentally and economically sustainable traditional small farming values and practices.