Lions Park & Trail Closure

NOTICE: Due to the current medical situation and the State of Emergency, Ross Farm Museum and the property it occupies is closed to the public until further notice. This includes all access points such as our trail system and the Lions Park. Although we are not really a park nor a provincial trail, it seems to me to be the most diligent decision to make in the interest of public health. Our trails function the way trails within a provincial park would function, permitting access to non-trail structures and aspects of the museum that we must be able to monitor and maintain.

Thank you very much for your patience and support on this. I understand that it may appear extreme to ask people not to go for a walk in our woods. Given what we know about Covid-19, as a provincial museum director, I must act in the interest of protecting public health and safety to the greatest extent that I can. Once we have clear and formal evidence that the Covid-19 virus is under control in the province we will open again. In the meantime, the staff is working carefully, safely and diligently to prepare for that day.

Stay safe,

Peter Cullen - Director