Winter Logging Trip




As a storm started to kick up on January 13th, 2011 Walter and Nicko one of our French Canadian horses were bound for the woods. A long ash log was cut earlier in the day which was to be delivered to the farm workshop. They made their way down over the hill next to Rosebank Cottage passing the old maple tree. After working their way through the woods briefly, they came upon the ash log they were in search of and hooked fast to it.

After chaining up and a few good pulls from Nicko down over a small bank they were on their way to the farm workshop. Pushing through the snow they made their way back up past the old maple, into the farm yard and landed the long next to the shop. This log can be seen in other video's on our YouTube channel as it is split, shaved, steamed and bent to form a snowshoe. Snowshoe making is a yearly winter demonstration that takes place in the farm workshop which was built back in 1870 by the Ross Family.

The wood from this ash log was used for making snowshoes during our snowshoe making weekend over the winter. It will also be used for other projects in the farm workshop such as toboggan making and spoon making demonstrations.