Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear friends, patrons and partners of Ross Farm Museum. As of today, Thursday 26 November, 2020 Ross Farm Museum is closed to the general public for visitation. We will evaluate re-opening by booking only on December 10. Reopening will depend on the Public Health Authority’s estimation of Covid 19 risk levels in the province.

This is the unfortunate reality we live with this year, but Ross Farm Museum’s Board of Trustees, Management and Staff feel that closure is the best way to protect the safety of our visitors, staff and partners until Covid risk demonstrably drops. This is not the time to take risks.

Following safety protocols in the workplace, we are continuing to improve the farm site and make sure that we are ready to offer the fun, safe, interesting experience that you expect from us when we can open again.

Thanks to much appreciated Provincial and Federal funding, staff have been working very hard all year to upgrade our buildings and add to our overall infrastructural capacity. As well, our interpretive staff have been working hard to work within our Covid restrictions to offer the best possible experience to our visitors. We can’t wait to open up again and, as with us all, to open up fully in a post-Covid world. We have hosted over 1500 visitors and guests since opening on August 7th and I would like to thank you all for taking the time to come and share a bit of history, nature and farming with us. We are proud to serve you and proud to represent the history of Nova Scotian agriculture!

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, the Management and the Staff of Ross Farm Museum, I ask that each one of us pay close attention to the Public Health Authority’s mandates for Covid safety so that when we can open up again Nova Scotians are all happy and healthy and can get back to sharing our knowledge, interests and friendship in our museums.

Until then, stay safe, be kind, and I look forward to seeing you all as soon as possible!

Pete Cullen
Executive Director
Ross Farm Museum