Novel coronavirus (COVID-19)

Reopening - Feb. 10, 2021:

Good day to everyone!

I hope all is well with all of you out there! I am very pleased to announce that Ross Farm Museum will be open to visitation starting Wednesday, February 10th!  We have been following the progress of Covid 19 containment and to get open safely at this point we are opening up for outdoor activities! Once the Covid 19 caseload is stable at 0-1 new cases per day, but 10 or fewer total active cases in the province then we can open up our buildings! I think this will be quite soon!  Likewise, if the numbers creep back up over 10 active cases in the province, we will shut down access to inside spaces, but still offer outdoor fun – in the snow (as long as it lasts)!

Following the weather forecast, we will offer sleigh or wagon rides, snowshoeing, and coasting on the hill! We will have hot chocolate for you at the cottage with an interpreter to talk with you about living at Ross Farm in the 19th century. DO check our website for updates on Thursday each week, as some of our programming depends on the weather too! This will tell you if we think we have the conditions to offer sleigh rides on the weekends and the current conditions for snowshoeing and coasting!

We are still using the online booking system we put in place last summer. Please do use this to ensure that your visit is confirmed! We are currently accepting 25 people in the morning 9:30-12:00 time slot and 25 people in the afternoon 2:00-4:30 time slot. Our Covid 19 protocols – social distancing and masks while in buildings remain, as we follow the directives of the Public Health Authority very closely. Remember that by going through the booking system you have had access and agreed to the terms and conditions of visiting Ross Farm Museum. These terms and conditions are in place for the safety of visitors and staff alike. Please read and follow them, and let us know prior to visiting if you have any issues we can help you with!

The gift shop is also open for 1 bubble at a time to visit. Because of sanitization and social distancing requirements, items have been distanced from public access areas, but please ask Gift Shop staff for assistance – they are happy to help you!

It is such a pleasure to be able to make this announcement! We here at Ross Farm have missed you all!  2021 is looking a little brighter than 2020 – but we must still be very careful to follow Covid 19 protocols and help keep the caseload down! Keep up the social distancing, the masks, and the hand-washing/sanitization. Your health and our health all depend on it!

That said, your health also depends on getting out to enjoy the outdoors! Come on by and have fun learning about our great Nova Scotia farming history - our woodlands, our fields, and crops, our animals and people!  Everyone eats. Everyone wears clothes. Everyone has to stay warm in the winter. EVERYONE has an agricultural culture!

I look forward to seeing you at the Farm soon!

Pete Cullen

Executive Director